paypal buyer protection

Have a Peace of Mind with Buyer Protection

With all the different payment option on the market now, we carefully select option that suit our customer the best. We make sure our value customer can make payment with their purchase easily (no additional step), safe, secure and protected! 

Why BBQHangout choose Paypal

The top reason we choose PayPal as our main payment method cause - We Care about our Customers.

As most people know, paypal is one of the largest and reputable payment gateway. You can make payment with just 1-click without the need to register with them. They accept all form of legal credit card (master, visa etc).

And best of all, they offer Buyer Protection Policy.

Buyer Protection Policy

At BBQHangout, we want you to be protected. And how?

This policy covers you from checkout to delivery. 

Simply shop for your item, pay it with Paypal in a single payment, and keep your account in good standing.

Should your order doesn't arrive or you receive a completely different item, you have 180 days to lodge a dispute (and paypal will do all the investigation for you!)

Need more understanding about this policy?

Click here to Paypal Offical page to find out more.