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How To Grill Corn on a Gas Grill

How To Grill Corn on a Gas Grill

Did I heard corn??

My oh my, grilled or barbecue corn… Something that cannot miss in any grilling session.

Grilling corn is simple yet tasty dish for everyone in the house. Kids love them and adult chew on them. So a dish of grilled corn can make everyone on the table happy with heart and stomach.

So how can we go successfully grill a corn on a gas grill without getting it burn or even un-cook?

To get a delicious tasty grilled corn, it can be done in 3 ways:

  1. Grill with husk on
  2. Grill it naked
  3. Grill it with foil wrap


You may get your corn from the market, supermart or 100% fresh straight from the farm, get the corn prep for grilling.

If it comes in husk, peel back the husk and remove the silk.

PS: Don't worry if a little still remains, since the rest of the silk will be removed after the corn husks are grilled

So it should look like this…

Then wash the corn clean before prep-ing for flavoring.

Same goes with corn without husk, wash them clean.


This is the best time to add some of your favorite flavoring to your corn to blend with the grilling taste.

The most common spread is butter with salts. I recommend garlic spread, rosemary oilver oil, herbs or just a pinch of salt for the most original taste.

Brush the spread evenly across your corn so that it can infuses into the corn when you cook it.

Then close up the husk. You can also tie up the end of the cob.

If your corn doesn’t have the husk, just spread the flavoring evenly and leave it on a place or wrap it up. Just so simple.

Preparing the grill:

I am using my favorite Phoenix Gas Grill SDSSBFAB because of it’s stainless steel grill grate and my corn can be place on top without worrying it will fall off.

I always remind my customers to preheat the grill before any grilling. Even it is just a few piece of corns.

Preheat the grill with medium heat for about 10 mins. You can use your palm and hover over the grill to feel the heat.

Grilling the corn:

Now it is time to grill them!

Place your corn over the medium heat for about 10 to 15 mins (depending on the size of the corn).

You can turn the corn once in a while to make sure the cob doesn’t burn off. And don’t worry your corn will get burnt (unless high heat), give it a longer grilling time can increase the smoky smell and taste!

Ready to serve:

By the time your corn is cooked, the husk should be dried and ready to be remove.

If you are grilling the corn naked, you can see the slight burn which is fine.

Take the corn off your grill and remove the husk.

You can serve the corn immediately as it taste much better when it’s warm.

For me, I will add some pepper, seasoning or even cheese on the corn for a more flavory taste.