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How to grill sweet potato on gas grill

How to grill sweet potato on gas grill

If you tried a bite of a crispy grilled sweet potato wedge, you probably won’t go back to fried potato wedges again. I always advice my clients to go with more healthier choice of food, especially since they are using gas grill to grill their food.

how to grill sweet potatoes on gas grill

According to research done by National Cancer Institute, eating meat cooked at extremely high temperatures can cause DNA changes that increase the risk of cancer. So gas grill can help reduce the possibility of such risk.

Do you know sweet potatoes are high in fiber, low in fat and filled with vitamins. And today I will share with you how you can grill the delicious healthy sweet potatoes for your grilling party!

Getting the Potatoes

When choosing, you can look for sweet potatoes with smooth surface. Spot any decaying or blemish areas and prevent choosing them.

Wash and scrub to make sure your potatoes are clean. You won’t need to peel off the skin.

I will recommend you to partially cook the potatoes before sending them to grill. Cook the whole potatoes in a pot of hot water until they are soft enough to slip a fork into.

Remove them from the water and let them to cool for about 20 minutes.

Preparing the grill

Always pre-heat your grill before performing any grilling. Switch on for about 10 minutes with the lid close.

You can spray some anti-stick spray to help you on the grilling process.

Start grilling them

You can enjoy crispy sweet potatoes in whole or slices. When grilling, turn it every 3 to 4 minutes to have even cook. It will probably take 20 minutes to have it fully cook.

A recommended is to slice the sweet potatoes into half or even into wedges when grilling. This can help reduce the grilling time.

grill your sweet potatoes using gas grill

Add some olive oil for a healthier flavor too if you want. Enjoy a different snacks for your grilling experience.