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The most effective way to grill frozen hamburger patties

The most effective way to grill frozen hamburger patties

When comes to barbecue, there are tons of grill ideas - fish, pork, beef, seafood... But what to grill if we have lesser time?

Guess what?

Grilled burger is one of the fastest and easiest recipe for short time, big group or party gathering. Imagine to have grilled meat for breakfast? Having headache on what to grill for a BBQ party? Meat patties is the choice!


Grill frozen meat patties is one of the best choice because, you don't need to worry about thawing the frozen patties as they still cook well under the heat of your grill.

There's isn't much preparation too. This is definitely the fastest recipe you even need to know!

I know you are aware how to grill patties. But for frozen patties to tasty burger, do take some cautious note for a better grilling experience.

This is what you need:

Prepare your meat

You can get the meat patties for the meat store or super-mart, convenience and fast.

The frozen meat patties are usually packed in stacks. And it could be a hassle trying to separate them without de-frozening them.

Tips: Making hamburger is much easier with frozen patties. Once you thawed them, they probably got wet and turn a little "melted"


And this is how I do it:

Use a flat piece of utensil (I prefer butter knife) and slide between the patties. Give it a twist and it will do the magic to separate them.

In very short time, individual patties will come apart, ready to be grilled!

Now your grill

Like I always advice, pre-heat all grill before any grilling.

You may set the grill to medium heat for about 10 mins. Feel the heat with your hand, holding above the grill to feel it.

You can also oil your grill grates to prevent the patties from sticking later on.

Grilling Time

Once the heat is up, place your burger meat on the soaring grill.

**Do wash your hand after handling the raw patties to prevent any food contamination!

Keep the heat low to get them all-cooked.

Simply use the spatula to flip the meat on each side. Turn the patties every 3–5 minutes per side.

You probably hear the sizzling sound coming from the patties (yummy~). Slight smoke coming from the meat juice dripping onto the heat, enjoy the grill smell.

Do this for about 15 to 20 mins (depending on the thickness of your meat patties). Move the patties around as some grill section are hotter than others. This can prevent uncooked area or even burnt.


As for me, I will now add on some BBQ sauce while flipping the patties for a more juicy flavor and taste!

Ready to serve

To ensure they are evenly cooked, use a thermometer and test the internal temperature of the patties. Make sure they have reached approximate 160 degree Fahrenheit (means cooked!)

For some of the grill lovers, they will toasted the bun or even grill the bun for the crispy texture. Whatever way is fantastic.

You can let the meat cool for 2 mins before pairing with the bun.

Now build your hamburger with cheese, lettuce, onion and whatever you love! 

Now you have made yourself a load of freshly grilled tasty American Burger!