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How to use Primo Grill for your next BBQ Party

How to use Primo Grill for your next BBQ Party

If you are new to Ceramic grills, you are at the right place.

We are going to explore the benefits of using this style of outdoor cooker for your advantage when it comes to grilling.

Nothing is more impressive in a backyard than a big ceramic grill. It is the kind of grill that shows you know the BBQ grilling with your mad grill skill.

We all have been there - grilling the food we love, only to be frustrated by the unexpected outcome of burned food. And we find ceramic grill is a better way to grill, sometimes...

Ceramic grill is not just another line of product, the fundamental of ceramic grill is to transform the primitive power - fire into the magic of grilling.

How to use primo grill for bbq

Ceramic grill has thick ceramic walls focusing the heat to sear you a restaurant-quality meat. And the thick walls retain heat for hours, so you can smoke briskets, whole chicken, corns & vegetables with little effort in temperature control.

We get to cook, entertain and enjoy the magic of getting souless meat into the most delicious grill food on earth.

The advantage of using Ceramic Grill

Due to the high quality of material, the wall act like an insulator to hold the heat required to cook the food. A normal metal grills will radiate large amount of heat, pulling out the moisture from the food. Whereby the heat in a ceramic grill will result slow cooking while holding the incredible juice within the meat.

If you are getting the charcoal grill models, the heat source is made from 100% natural lump charcoal. It is like cooking your meat over a camp fire with natural wood flavor.

You can expect a cleaner, hotter and longer cooking then a gas grill.

Primo Ceramic Grill

Primo - means the best in Italian, to offer the best of the best grill when it comes to outdoor cooking.

Although it's call a grill, it is much more than that. Primo has made their grill into a multi-purpose outdoor cooker where you can grill, bake, roast and smoke any food for your grill party.

Instead, you can take Primo grill as a barbecue grill, an oven and even a smoker all in one.

The oval shape design of Primo is patented to deliver effective direct and indirect cooking. Now you don't have to worry about cooking thick steak with roasting fresh vegetables.

Crafted to perform better and last longer, this all for one grill is simple with uncompromising quality standard to drives everything we need for grilling.

At BBQhangout, we offer several range of Primo Grill from Junior series to XL series and even Jack Daniel Edition.

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Here is an overview of our grills and the basics for using and enjoying our ceramic grills.

Grill Components

grill components

Cooking Configurations

Primo Ceramic Grills can be used as a grill, an oven, a roaster, or a smoker.

grill sear

Grilling & Searing

Use this configuration for grilling meat such as steaks, chicken breasts, or any foods that benefit from cooking directly over the charcoal fire.

grill roast

Grilling & Roasting

Use direct and indirect cooking zones to grill meat on the direct side, while roasting tender foods like seafood and vegetables on the indirect side.

bake roast smoke

Baking, Roasting & Smoking

Use this configuration for indirect cooking such as an oven or smoker. Cook at low to medium temperatures for baking pizza or smoking meat. (Heat Deflectors/Racks required).



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Figure 2


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Figure 5

Lighting the Grill

Build a mound of natural lump charcoal. Use full firebox of charcoal for smoking and searing temperatures (Figure 1), or half a firebox of charcoal for two-zone cooking (Fig. 2).

  1. Light the charcoal with a fire starter cube or two, and you can also use chimney starter or electric starter. Leave the dome open.
  2. Wait 5-10 minutes for the charcoal to build a small bed of embers.
  3. Close the dome, then fully open the draft door (Figure 3) and fully open the top vent (Figure 4) by sliding the top disk all the way to the right.

Tip: Charcoal can be relit 2-3 times for multiple cooks. Use the ash tool to stir the used charcoal, so the ashes will drop through the fire grate. Add 30% new charcoal to the existing charcoal and build a new mound. This works well for roasting and grilling temperatures.

Tip: You can't have too much charcoal, but you can have too little.

Advisory: NEVER use lighter fluid or any other combustible liquid to light the charcoal. It will be absorbed by the ceramics and impart a "fuel" taste to food.

Controlling the Temperature (Grilling)

  1. Close the dome and fully open the top vent.
  2. When you are 25°F (14°C) from your target temperature, close the top vent down to one-third open.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes for the temperature to stabilize. Increase or decrease the airflow of the top vent as needed. A 1/4” (6mm) move can change the temperature by as much as 25°F (14°C).

Low Temperature Cooking (Smoking)

  1. For "low and slow" temperatures like 225°F (107°C), start with a very small fire in one area of the charcoal.
  2. Close the dome after 5 minutes with the draft door and top vent fully open. Allow the temperature to come up slowly until it reaches 200°F (93°C), set the draft door to 1” (25mm) open (Fig. 5) and the top vent to 1/2” (13mm) open with the daisy wheel holes fully open. Adjust the top vent as needed to maintain the target temperature.

Tip: Allow the temperature to rise slowly up to your target temperature. It is easy to raise the temperature, but very difficult to lower it.