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Gas grill grilling tips for beginners

Gas grill grilling tips for beginners

If you are new to grilling, welcome to the amazing world of grilling!

Many new grill user are not sure what they can do or even what they can do when start grilling. So at, we prepared this basic grilling tips for beginners to kick start your grilling journey.

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Firstly is the Heat Managing part

  • Always preheat your grill on medium heat for 10-15 minutes before grilling
  • Recommend to use more medium heat to cook your food and low heat for slower cooking or holding finished foods
  • You can manage indirect and direct heat zones with low heat on one burner and higher heat on the other if you have double burner grill
  • Always keep the lid close when grilling thick meat

When Grilling to golden-brown and dark sear…

  • Keep flipping the meat to avoid burning either side
  • The drier the meat, the easier it will be to brown it
  • Leave the lid open so your food is only getting heat from one side
  • Have enough space for steam and heat to rise to the food for even cook
  • Cook on medium to high (use high for only a short time) for hot and fast searing.
  • Don’t move small food like shrimps. veggies around the grill. A few sear strips on them is great

And if you smoke on a Gas Grill…

  • Always use damp wood chips to start smoking
  • If you have grill box for your grill, place a large handful of wood pellets in the box and place under your grates to start smoking
  • Remember to keep the lid closed to get the smoke
  • If you don't have grill box, use aluminum to pack the wood chips. Poke a few holes into the foil to allow smoke to flow out. Place under the grates and close the lid
  • Choose your wood chip correctly. Mild wood flavors are alder, cherry and strong wood flavors include apple, hickory, and mesquite
  • You can try adding some herbs on the grill grates when smoking for more herbal flavor for your food

And when grilling Veggies and Fruits…

  • Don’t miss out fruits from grilling, try apple, peaches and pears
  • Brush some oil on the veggie before grilling
  • Use medium heat to cook these thin veggies
  • Cook veggies and fruits until they are tender with just a bit of crunch

Lastly to clean!

  • Clean before use, during grilling and after grilling
  • To easily scrape off the left over, heat the grill for about 15 mins with medium heat. Then use a grill brush to scrape before it cools down
  • Dip the brush in water for steam to help loosen stubborn food bits.

So following these grilling tips is going make your grilling much easier and smoother. No more burnt, uncooked meat or "low-flavor" grill food.

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