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Can We Grill In The Winter?

Can We Grill In The Winter?

There's lots of questions and doubts revolves if we can grill during bad weather such as snowy day or raining day. Frankly speaking, anyone can grill anytime. It's just the matter of how to grill during that situation. 

If you heard of Steven Raichlen, he practically grill everyday at any types of weather. May it be heavy downpour or 6 inches thick of snow, he grills. So it's not really about the weather, it's the tools and ways to grill.

And if you decided to prepare a sumptuous meal of grilled food for your friends and family this cold season, you are at the right place! 

Seriously, we grill all the time. Summer, winter, rain, snow. From ramps to asparagus, from grilling fiddlehead ferns to fish and lobsters. If you are someone who loves food, grilling is definitely something you will love - for life!

I am going to guide you through how you can grill in the winter (practically any weather!).

The process is similar to the grilling you did during the warm days, maybe some minor changes or tweet along the way.

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Step 1: Prepare the Grill

As usual, prep your grill by giving it a clean up before you start using it. If you have been storing it in your garage, be sure to clean it thoroughly.

Apart from your grill, be sure to clear the pathway from your house to the grill. Safety is always first for anything. Clear all snow on the grill as it can bring down the grilling temperatures. And never bring your grill inside your garage or house, always grill at least 5 feet away from combustible materials and in a well-ventilated area.

Step 2: Pre-heat longer

During colder or winter weather, pre-heating your gas grill may take up to twice the normal time. To ensure your grill food are well cooked and safe to eat, you may use a thermometers to check on the temperature. A meat thermometer can be easily purchase at the grocery store or you can get this:

A simple meat Grilling Probe

Step 3: Prepare extra fuel

Nothing surprising if you were to grill halfway and your gas is all used up (I meant propane gas). Especially in the winter days where we need longer cooking time, which also means more gas.

What we do is to prepare an extra bottle of propane gas in case the current one ran out.


Step 4: Never grill indoor

Winter can be real cold where you might want to hide indoor when grill. BUT this is definitely not a good idea. Anything that burn produce carbon monoxide that actually kills when inhale too much of it.

Having your gas grill indoor means you are leaving the harmful gas into your house, harming yourself and your family. So bring your grill outdoor whenever you grill.


Step 5: Brighten up your grill

Winter grilling can be challenging as it gets dark earlier in the day. Having a light outside is ideal, or you may consider using a quality grill light. You can use torchlight to help you see better or you may choose grill tools couple with light source.

Example we have the following grill tool that comes with LED light that shine on your food when you grill:

 4 In 1 Gill Tong Spatula Brush Fork Set with LED light

So you can just press the button of the light that helps you shine through the whole grilling process.

Now with all these steps, you can do any grilling in the winter or even in the rain, whatever the weathers is. Just pick up your tong, power up your gas grill and enjoy your food with your love ones.

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