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The Winter Grilling Guide you should have

The Winter Grilling Guide you should have

If you ever thought of winter grilling, you are in love with grilling just like me! Welcome to the fantastic world of delicious flavored grilling food. Nothing stops me from grilling, not even the hard cold winter.

Grilling in the winter might have some challenges due to the cold hard wind and the snowy ice. Nevertheless, I believe this is not enough to stop you from grilling.

At BBQhangout, we want to help you continue grilling even in the hardy winter, here are some guide and tips for winter grilling.

First thing… Safety

Never neglect the “power” of snow/ice. Make sure you clear off layers of ice to prevent slipping. Keep the path from your house to your grill properly shoveled for safe walking.

Or you may consider re-positioning your grilling area to lower the walking area.

And always cover your grill after use to prevent it from the icy snow.

Then your grill

Guide to winter grilling

Take a piece and swap off the snow from your grill. Make sure your grill is clear and snow free. Having snow on your gas grill while you grill is not a good thing, anyway snow is not insulator either…

More pre-heating

It should be a habit to pre-heat the grill every single time before you start grilling. Same goes during winter time. We have to make sure to heat up the grill so that the frozen part on the grill are thawed before we switch it to higher heat.

The gas grill such as Phoenix Grill we carried are great piece that perform at any type of weather. The grill are made of premium stainless steel that is put through testing to ensure they perform in any situation.

Time for winter grilling

As the weather are cold, give the grill extra time to get them warm up. I would suggest to preheat to about 205ºC/400ºF before you start grilling. And when setting at the right heat, your food will not stick to the grill grates.

Longer time required…

I know you are eager to put that piece of delicious tender beef into your mouth, but wait… you got to make sure the meat is cooked.

The Winter Grilling Guide you should have

In the winter, the grill may take longer to heat up as the cold air will hinder your food from cooking as fast in the summer. So try to refrain from opening the lid too often. Use a thermometer the check the internal temperature of the food to ensure it is cooked thoroughly.

A good range is to add additional 20 mins to the usual grilling time.

Extra fuel

Having all the extra pre-heat and longer cooking time, make sure to have extra fuel nearby for your winter grilling. The cold air is going to bring the heat down, causing more fuel to keep the heat up.

So never be sorry to have the extra fuel on hand.

A slightly different cut…

Winter grilling guide to smaller cuts

You may choose thinner and smaller cuts of meat which can cook faster. Work on thinner steaks, loins and smaller piece of kabobs. This will shorter the grilling time and reduce the risk of uncooked area.

Think of heat retention

A recommendation that most of us know is to use ceramic cookware after you have grilled your food. Because they are great heat retention material.

So have them to keep your food warm while you bring the grilled food back to the dinner table, stay warm as summer!

You and yourself

If you are hitting winter grilling, make sure you are well prepared. Get on the right winter clothing and footwear. Never think that you can miss the coat, hat, scarf or even gloves because they are hindering your grilling.

Only when you are prepare, your grilling can take place smoothly.

Winter grilling can be challenging but it can be fun too. So enjoy to the fullest!