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How to cook chicken on a gas grill

How to cook chicken on a gas grill

how to cook chicken on a gas grill

It's grilling time and who don't love Chicken? Just like hot dogs and burgers, barbecue chicken us one of the classic dish in BBQ!

Best of all, cooking chicken on a gas grills is really easy!

And without any mess up, let's get to the high heat now~

Preparation before grilling

In a whole chicken, chicken thighs are the most popular choice to grill on a gas grill. Why?

Probably due to the tenderness of the meat. As for me, chicken thighs are far better to barbecue compare to breast meat. And I will usually keep the chicken on the bone as it helps to keep the meat juicy.

Once you got your chicken really, you need to marinate them first! Marinate is to add flavor and moisture to the meat. There are tons of recipes online where you can just search for them (how to marinate chicken for grilling etc).

Some ingredients I'll never miss out for marinating chicken:

  • Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • Pepper
  • Lemon

You can create a personal flavor of your choice, it's really up to you! Just put anything you like inside.

People always ask, what's the trick to a good grill chicken?

The trick is - There's no trick! What all you need is patience, hummm...

When you done it all right, it probably takes an hour to get it well cooked. You have to moderate the heat so that your chicken is cooked on a slow and steady heat.

So after getting your chicken marinated, it's time to cook them!

And before you place them on your gas grill, what I always recommend to my customer is to preheat the grill.

When using Phoenix Gas Grill, you can preheat the grill by setting the control on "HIGH" for 15 minutes.

Cooking chicken on Gas Grill

Now you are all ready for a delicious meal of tender chicken meat!

How to grill chicken on gas grill

When having your grill chicken on the plate, what's the scariest thing that could happen?

For me, it will be the blood and uncooked meat at the inner thighs.

And why is that so?!

Chicken meat can be easily cooked with direct heat from the grill. Many new grill user wasn't aware of this and cook the chicken meat like burger meat.

So that you should be doing is to use indirect grilling method - that allow the thighs to cook through without scorching the skin.

That is to light up one side of the grill with one side hot and the other side warm,

When the grill get heat up to medium, grill the chicken thighs on the hot side and turning once every 10 minutes. This allow the chicken meat to be well cooked!

For about 20 minutes, you can transfer them to the warm side of the grill to crisp up the skin. Brush some favorite sauce if you like and keep it grilling for another 20 minutes. Remember to turn it and brush the sauce on the whole chicken thighs.

There you are... The lovely flavored grill chicken on the plate!

What is the best temperature to grill chicken?

If you want to ensure the chicken is well cooked, have a thermometer to check.

According to FDA, the approved meat temperature when grilling is 165°F. So when the middle of the meat hit around 160°F, you know it is ready!