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2019 Top 5 Natural Gas Grill Review

2019 Top 5 Natural Gas Grill Review

It's summer time and you are probably looking for a Gas Grill ready for your Beer, Meat and Fun Party!!

Before you start choosing which grill to buy, you should know that there are lots of grills out there.

And we have this 2019 Top 5 Natural Gas Grill review as a good start for you!

Charcoal Vs Natural Gas

The debate between which fuel gives you the best grilling results has been going on... for decades. Even I, myself have both charcoal grill and gas grill for different grilling function.

Charcoal grill is believed to have the smoky flavor from the ribs and brisket. What makes charcoal exist today is the sensation of flame burning, cooking the juicy meat with beautiful flare up.

The downside of charcoal is that is the long preparation time (stack coal, light coals and burn till they are ready...) and the lack of control of the natural fire - causing uneven cook or even burnt food.

The main advantage of gas grill over charcoal grill is the control and speed. You can have all control of the heat on gas grill - maintaining steady temperature and get your freshly grilled food in just minutes!


And Why Natural Gas Grill

In the last few years, we have more outdoor appliances with the features of natural gas version. May it be smoker, patio heaters or gas grill. And why?

Natural gas possess a top benefit as compare to propane has - Cheaper, and could be as much as a third the price. So if you love grilled food, imagine you grill for breakfast, dinner and for the whole family, you could save a huge fraction on the cost of the gas.

The gas burns clean and is save for the environment. But... you do not have to worry about carrying the heavy propane gas and refill them every single time when it runs out of gas.

The gas is connected to your house and it will not run out unless the gas company does (which will not even likely happen).


How to Choose a Good Natural Gas Grill

Choosing a good natural gas grill is like choosing any grill. Always ask yourself the following questions before deciding which grill to buy:

  • What is your grilling needs?
  • Who are you grilling for? Couple meal? Family gathering?
  • Additional features that you need (side burner maybe?)
  • Budget?
  • What material is the grill?
  • Warranty from manufacturer

And today, you are at the right place because we are going to review our Top 5 Natural Gas Grill for you to choose from.



Straight from the stove, this freestanding stainless steel monster is going to "tear" your meat apart! MHP JNR4DD is ready to to boost your cooking skill to the next level. The 2 H-type burners is there to provide you with powerful cooking performance, making sure you are all set on the BBQ journey.

You never have to worry about rusty part with the heavy duty rust resistant grate. Enjoy the long lasting grill with high profile housing and delicious grilled food from the precised control heat system!


MHP JNR4DD Propane Gas Grill burnersMHP JNR4DD Propane Gas Grill temperature gauge MHP JNR4DD Propane Gas Grill with food

This grill comes with durable handle roll to make everything much easier.

Never need to be afraid of cleaning up the grill again with stainless steel side for simple wipe off. The grease cup is there for all easy clean-up.

The grill may look small in size but is ready to cook up the meals for 4 people.

MHP JNR4DD is only $694 (usual price: $815) and it comes with Lifetime Warranty on top/bottom casting, control panels, base post, cooking grids and more.

"These are amazing grills! They are simple and last forever. We have one in 3 beachside rental homes and they stand up to the salt air for years." - J. Marken



On the review list, we have this black beauty that is totally made for outdoor grill!


Wanted a powerful grill for your BBQ food? This beauty comes with 2 stainless steel burners ready for precise heat to roast, steam and smoke your food.

Worry no more of flare-up and uneven cook meat because it comes with heavy-duty drip pan to do all the dirty job for you!

This grill is simple to use with electric ignition for easy setup. The stainless steel handle allow you to open the lid easily ans safely.

If you want something simple, this grill is perfect with easy setup and easy clean up of the grill.

Up to 25,000 BTUs of heat, this baby can cook well up to a family of 4!

And save up to 20% with this Phoenix PFMG-OPN Natural Gas Grill at only $959 (usual price: $1,199). Phoenix offer Lifetime Warranty for top/bottom grill, control panel, deck/patio base, cooking grid and more.

"If you have the money, invest in this grill. After years of struggling with lesser quality grills, I have finally arrived in grilling heaven. Perfectly done every time. If your not a handy person pay for the set-up it will be worth your time/sanity. So far, I am more than impressed with it. The grill is great for cooking tender veggies or blackening fish or chicken." - Christine Irson



Pamper yourself with this high-quality grill that you'll never going to regret.

Simple looking yet comes with strong stainless steel burner with independent controls of precise heat, perfect for your grilling party!

Phoenix SDSSOCP Propane gas grill gridSDSSOCP Phoenix Gas Grill Head Control panelPhoenix SDSSOCP Propane Gas Grill bass valvePhoenix SDSSOCP Gas Grill Roasting

Comes with 25,000 BTUs to help you prepare grilled food for 4 people.

No more flare-up, no more uneven cook food, and no more burnt food with this grill! This quality grill has all the features you need to grill, steam, roast or smoke.

The stainless steel cooking grid, heat indicator and heavy-duty drip pan is keeping this grill long lasting.

This Phoenix SDBFABN Natural Gas Grill now price at $999 only (usual price: $1,249). with Lifetime Warranty for top/bottom grill, control panel, deck/patio base, cooking grid and more.

"This grill is exactly what I wanted. I've had every type of grill in every price range and only recently discovered that instead of a water bottle by the grill I could buy a design that eliminates flare ups and grease fires. It also excels with delicate items such as vegetables and seafood." - DF



Raising up the bar in this review list, we have the 4th natural gas grill standing tall.

Phoenix has another proud grill waiting for you to use them!


Just like the other amazing Phoenix grill, this grill comes with 2 stainless steel burners with precise heat to cook anything.

Keeping you and your food safe, the aluminum drip pan on the grill prevent any flare-up to happen.

The wonder of this grill is that it is easily setup and easily clean up.

This grill is going to give you everything you need for a simple and effortless grilling experience.

And save up to 20% when you can get this Phoenix SDBOCN Natural Gas Grill at only $1,079 (usual price: $1,349). Phoenix offer Lifetime Warranty for top/bottom grill, control panel, deck/patio base, cooking grid and more. years.



And on our very last grill on the list, we are recommending something special - a professional grill for indoor needs.

This powerful grille comes with 8 stainless steel burners with a total of 88,000 BTUs of intense cooking heat all under your control!

Best suit for BBQ party, large family gathering and this built-in grill is going to look fabulous in your kitchen! The premium grade stainless steel flavor plates with self-cleaning function helps to even out the heat evenly.

Cooking grates are closely distributed so that you are better of grilling anything - including small items like shrimps and fruits.

Double your grilling experience with easy startup, dual purpose thermometer and smoker tray.

You may consider this worthy grill as a long term investment because it is! The high quality of the grill, body is going to last you long enough. With just $3,649 (usual price: $4,299) ProFire PF48G-N Built-In Natural Gas Grill warrant your grill Lifetime. No more extra cost on cooking grids and burners!

Thank you for viewing our review list and should you need any guide, feel free to call us at our toll-free hotline!

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