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How to Choose the Right Gas Grill Size?

How to Choose the Right Gas Grill Size?

Summer is back soon!

Are you looking for a grill for your new house or a new grill to replace your current one?


The price of a new gas grill can range between $400 to $6000 or more for a model equipped with everything under the sun.


One of the key is not to buy a grill more than you need. So before you fire up the grill, think about what you need before start shopping for one.


You may need to think about these:


How often will you cook on your gas grill?

How many people will you be cooking for?


Some people tries to tell you differently that size doesn’t matter… But I can tell you, it matters!


When I started grilling, I was doing it for myself as I was living alone in my small apartment. I don't have the space to house any regular size grill and a small gas grill was the perfect choice.

Shop for the right gas grill every time


But when I moved back to my hometown, I was looking at 3 burners gas grill that I can grill for the whole family each weekend!


So…? Size matters!


And how many hamburgers I want to grill at once? More cooking means bigger size grill. And this are simple things to help you consider.


As you can see, you are not just buying a grill. You are building fond memory with your family by making delicious barbecue food with the grill.


I know you want your friends and family to fill up their stomach lovely food prepared by you!


So this is not a simple purchase…


To get all these right - you have to choose the right size gas grill.


Because when you do that, you save a lot…


Here's the 4 helpful tips to help you choose:


Use this 4 tips to get the right size gas grill


Most gas grills out on the market share how die-hard the grill can do.

It goods, I know… But you need more than that.


Tip 1 - Gas Grill For One or Two


The total cooking area on the grill is usually measured in square inches and a grill for one or couple is about 200 square inches. Adding the warming rack, cooktop areas and the primary grill grates can range up to 450 square inches.


At, we categories our gas grill into Grill for Two, Grill for Family and Grill for Crowd.

Depending on your needs, you can look for the grill perfectly for you.


Always go deeper with what you really need. Have more thoughts before making your decision.


A good start point is with something simple to meet the basic needs first.


Tip 2 - Gas Grill for Family


Maybe you have just started a family and you need a bigger grill. And most larger grills have more burners for your needs to cook for more people.


A good starting points for 3 to 4 burners range from 400 to 500 square inches that can grill up to 24 hamburgers at one time.


With the different burners, we can grill different kinds of food simultaneously with control and flexibility!

Choosing the Best Gas Grill for Your family and party


Tip 3 - Now for BBQ Party Crowd


Now if you love BBQ party or have a great outdoor extension perfect for families and entertaining, a 4 to 5 burners grill is best for you.


And it is best you don't squeeze too much food onto the grill at once. You need room for turning and flipping the food and move them around, maintaining them at the low heat to prevent burnt.


With a grill size of estimated 700 square inches is recommended to embrace all your cooking techniques.


Tip 4 - More than Cooking Area


Out on the market, there are several grills comes with side shelves that can be collapse or remove for better safe keeping.


There are accessories available to enhance grill's cooking area without increasing the base size.


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