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2017 Top 5 Propane Gas Grill Review

2017 Top 5 Propane Gas Grill Review

If you are looking for a Gas Grill for your next barbecue party, this 2017 Top 5 Propane Gas Grill review is way for you!

The main advantage of gas grill over charcoal grill is that you wouldn't need to handle dirty charcoal ash, you can have everything (i meant temperature) under control and you can cook so much faster.

Gas grilling not only helps you bring your family and friends together, you can now present your grilling skills to prepare delicious meal for them!

To help you choose the propane gas grill of your need, we have list out our Top 5 Propane Gas grill for 2017.


And Why Propane Gas Grill

If you don't want to handle the hassle dealing with ash or the black charcoal, gas grill will be the one to choose from.

As compare to Natural Gas, Propane gas grill are designed for the convenience of portable liquid propane gas. The gas tank is connected directly to your grill with a connector or valve, beneath or beside your grill.

Th gas doesn't cause harm to the air with low greenhouse gas emission. In another words, it is environmentally friendly.

Not only that, propane gas is portable that can be easily detached where you can bring along to park or your friend place for a nice barbecue. And you can the propane gas is attached just below the gill where you can detached it anytime.

The tank can be easily refilled by qualified personnel at the gas station or you can just buy a pre-filled tank to replace it.


How to Choose a Good Propane Gas Grill

Like we always advice when choosing the right gas grill with the following questions:

  • What is your grilling needs?
  • Who are you grilling for? Couple meal? Family gathering?
  • Additional features that you need (side burner maybe?)
  • Budget?
  • What material is the grill?
  • Warranty from manufacturer

And today, we are going to review our Top 5 Propane Gas Grill based on the above criteria for you to decide!



If you are on a budget yet need a superior performance propane grill, this is the one you should get. MHP JNR4DD comes with dual burner that is perfect for the meal of a couple.

Simple design with no much complication to control the heat, this grill works well to gives you the delicious BBQ steaks, chops, burgers and ribs!


MHP JNR4DD Propane Gas Grill Side ShelvesMHP JNR4DD Propane Gas Grill burnersMHP JNR4DD Propane Gas Grill temperature gauge MHP JNR4DD Propane Gas Grill with food

Afraid that you can only use it for few years? Worried not! The thick no-rush exterior housing is going to keep your grill long-lasting and durable throughout the years, yeah the years!

And with the smooth grilling surface, you will get your fish and vegetables grill easily without trouble of uncooked area.

What matter most is the stainless steel side shelf and grease cup on the grill is making clean-up so easy.

Comes with aluminum cart and 8 wheels for you to move the grill around your place. 30,000 BTUs with a 506 square inch of cooking surface, you are all ready to prepare the meal up to 4 people.

MHP JNR4DD is only $817 (usual price: $960) and it comes with Lifetime Warranty on top/bottom casting, control panels, base post, cooking grids and more.




Wanted a high quality propane gas grill that most of us can afford? On the review list is the famous Phoenix PFMG Propane gas grill.

Phoenix PFMG High Quality Propane Gas Grill


Comes with 2 stainless steel burners to give you precise heat to grill your awesome BBQ food. And the aluminum drip pan on the grill prevent flare-ups when grilling - keeping you and your food safe from burnt!

This grill has a smaller grilling area of 400 square inch, however it is enough to grill a wonderful meal for 2 to 4 people.

If you want something simple, this grill is perfect with easy setup and easy clean up of the grill.

And what makes this grill wonder is the 2 stainless steel side shelves and tool hooks to keep all your barbecue tools well organized.

Stainless stain cooking grid and aluminum cart with wheels, this grill has 25,000 BTUs of heat ready to grill anything.

And save up to 20% when you can get this Phoenix PFMG Propane Gas Grill at only $799 (usual price: $999). Phoenix offer Lifetime Warranty for top/bottom grill, control panel, deck/patio base, cooking grid and more.



Amaze your friends and family on your grilling skills with this outstanding gas grill by Phoenix.

It may look just like any other gas grill, Phoenix SDSSOCP comes with flexible heat adjustability where you can get your grill from slow heat of 250 degrees c to high heat of 500 degrees c.


Phoenix SDSSOCP Propane gas grill gridSDSSOCP Phoenix Gas Grill Head Control panelPhoenix SDSSOCP Propane Gas Grill bass valvePhoenix SDSSOCP Gas Grill Roasting

The grill is made with adjustable vents on the to maintain and control air flow, keeping your food evenly grilled.

The grill may have features for pro griller but is meant to be use for beginner too.

Strong stainless steel burners gives you the powerful heat to grill for a family. Built with 25,000 BTUs burner enough to grill, roast, steam and smoke your favorite dishes!

Attractive in design, easy to assemble and easy to use. This grill gives you everything you need for a simple and effortless grilling experience.

This Phoenix SDSSOCP Propane Gas Grill now price at $1,079 (usual price: $1,340). with Lifetime Warranty for top/bottom grill, control panel, deck/patio base, cooking grid and more.



If you have high budget and planning to get a good deal for your next gas grill, you got to look out for the next 2 propane gas grill on the review list.

You may heard before that gas grill is much expensive. It's true, if you are getting the one with lots more features and function.

On this review list, we have American Outdoor Grill T-series Freestanding 36PCT Propane Grill, an excellent gas grill that produce unbelievable flavor.

AOG 36PCT Freestanding Propane Gas Grill

AOG Propane Gas Grill 36PCT GrillAOG 36PCT Propane Gas Grill PanelAOG 36PCT Propane Gas Grill Side burnerAOG 36PCT Propane Gas Grill Rotisserie

This grill is perfect if you are preparing a barbecue feast or celebrating occasion. Built up to 829 square inch cooking size, you can easily grill up to 20 burgers at a single time.

Made from long-lasting 304 grade stainless steel grills, the gas include 3 high quality stainless steel burners to give you the best grilling performance.

Never worried with the startup because AOG 36PCT has piezo ignition to deliver a reliable flame with every start.

And to gives you the ultimate heat, this grills has BTUs of 50,000 and 12,000 BTU infrared back burner. The flush mounted side burner will out perform your expectation.

No more uncooked meat, no more flare-up and no more fussy grease cleanup. Prepare to enjoy juicy grill tender food with painless clean up after that!

This AOG 36PCT Propane Gas Grill is price at $2,927.70 (usual price: $3,253.00). AOG warrant your burners up to 15 years and other grill components for 10 years.



Coming to the final list of the review, at, we recommend this ProFire PF48G-P Professional Series Freestanding Propane Gas Grill.

And you may ask why this particular gas grill?

Made from America itself, ProFire is famous for it deluxe brand of stainless steel grills. They started making their first gas grill in 1960 and continue to manufacturer more grill brands.


Profire PF48G P Gas Grill

ProFire Propane Gas Grill PF48G-P flame tamersProFire Freestanding Propane Gas Grill PF48G-P flame tamersProFire Propane Gas Grill PF48G-P tubular burners

This grill is ready to bring your grilling to the next level. It has 4 grilling zones with 8 stainless steel burners to push the cooking power to the maximum. A total of 88,000 BTUs of intense cooking heat to grill anything you have!

Be ready to enjoy grilling delicate items like shrimp and vegetables as they will not fall through the grates. The entire 966 square inch grill surface is all for you to grill while minimizing flare-ups.

Having a premium grill made with commercial grade stainless steel and seamless design with polished mirror finish, this is going to be the best investment that last your forever.

Enhance your grilling experience with self-cleaning flavor plates, stainless steel smoker tray, dual purpose thermometer and electronic multiple spark ignitor. Be sure to let this gas grill support all your grilling needs!

And if you wonder how much this long term investment is, let me tell you that is all worth. With just $5,548 (usual price: $6,498) ProFire PF48G-P Propane Gas Grill warrant your grill Lifetime. No more extra cost on cooking grids and burners!


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