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5 Signs To Change Your Grill

5 Signs To Change Your Grill

It's the coldest of the year - winter and every single day, I am day-dreaming of grilled pork, beer can chicken and our family favorite grilled corn with pepper. We are so looking forward to start bringing out our gas grill to start the warm fire anytime soonest!

While anticipating this happy moment, our best friend Matt suddenly pops me a question:

"So how do we know if the grill we bring out from the garage still function?"

Hmm... Well... My reply to him is somehow not satisfying to him "You see, there are always some signs showing up on you grill, and when that happens, you know you need a new gas grill."

His eyes roll up and back to me, "so what's exactly are the signs?"

It may sound simple, but how do we really tell?

And what if I tell you what are the 5 signs to be aware of?

Interested to know? Here we go...

5 Signs To Change Your Grill

5 Signs To Change Your Grill

The gas grill we are talking about here probably ranging from 5 years and above (and after much use). If your grill is still covered under warranty, always goes back to your manufacturer to see how they can fix it for you.

Like the range of Phoenix Gas Grill we recommended comes with lifetime warranty on the grill top, bottom, control panel and more, except burners and drip pan. Most of our customer has no worries about their grill!

Now if you are having an older grill, here the signs you need to take note of:

Sign 1 - Uneven flame

The first clue to detect about your grill will be the flame. When you first started your grill, if the flame appears to be smaller then usual, or even worst, big flame oozing out from side, this could mean your burner is having issue.

Our recommendation is you can replace the burner (if your grill is still pretty new) or decide on a new grill that gives you more new functions for the next party.

Sign 2 - Wobbly igniter

Igniter on the grill may look insignificant, however do you know a faulty igniter can cause your grill to be completely useless?

When you couldn't start your grill, apparently you can't do anything.

If you are a tech person and wanted have it replace, you can do it. Simply unscrew it and disconnect the wire (remember which wire is it connected with). Reconnect the new igniter you have, kacha! Else you can plan for a new one.

Sign 3 - Cracked grilling grates

I do heard of cases where the grates of the grill cracked or the layers are "peeling off'. 

This usually happens when the coating are exposed and flaking off, especially if the grates are coated. That's why most of the grill we carry are made of stainless steel to prevent such issue from happening.

And even if this do happen, you can still replace the grate (if you can get it from your grill manufacturer).

Sign 4 - Cracked hoses or connectors

One of the scariest thing to happen for gas grill.

Now imagine the crack hose or connector has gas leaking off. Unknowingly, the use of your gas grill can cause unimaginable outcome (you know what I mean)!

We always advice anyone who owns a gas grill to check their grill before start grilling using the bubble test method. It's simply to use soap water and brush pass the hose. If there's bubble blowing up means there's gas leak.

And replace a regulator and hose may solve the issue. Or else, new grill is the better option then.

Sign 5 - Rusty area

Rust can easily occurs if the grill are not clean well after use or not kept properly when not in use. 

Maybe to some of us rusty is not a big deal afterall - a steel brush to scrap some part away. Yup yup, it can be done this way, however not when the dust get somehow too big in the area size.

In some condition, rusty grates or heat panel can result the grill from collapsing 'internally". So never have the risk using a broken rust grill. You never know what could really happen.

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