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Best Gas Grill Review 2019

Best Gas Grill Review 2019

When I first started out my grilling journey (probably 10 years back...), I have received advice from several experience BBQ grill masters. And the common advice that all great grill master given me is "you get what you paid".

During that point of my life (young & ignorance), that piece of precious advice doesn't ring a bell to me. What exactly does that means?

So ignoring that, I bought my first gas grill, costing me about $200 bucks. Happily, I learned and practice my grilling skills - rib, pork, chicken, prawns.... and only after a few months (can't even remb the exact period), the grill topple, literally fall apart.

So next I purchased a slightly more expensive grill, lasted me a few more months longer and broke again... And only to realize the advice given by the grill master after spending almost $1500 bucks in total.

Now each time I plan to get a new gas grill, I make sure there are sufficient information about the grill, positive good reviews at a comfortable reason prince. I will never compromise the quality of the gas grill because of a lower price.

And at this moment, I came to a conclusion to present the reviews of the gas grill we carried - that we believe in good quality, good feedback at the affordable price range.

After the whole year of 2018, BBQHangout once again present you:

Best Gas Grill Review 2019

If you are pondering what gas grill and are lost in your way of making a decision, you are at the right place.

Our gas grill reviews is here to help you assess your needs and features to make the best decision for your backyard activities.

2018 is going to be another great year with more upcoming models to be launched. But we need a gas grill now for the next memorial day, family gathering and BBQ parties.

Ready to know what grill could be your next best friend ?

Price under $1000

Phoenix SDRIVDDP Gas Grill


Newly launched in 2017, Phoenix SDRIVDDP has perform extremely well. High stainless steel quality with enough heat, you can simply grill any food with it!

Overall if you are not looking for a grill that fit a big family or party of 10 people, this grill can do the trick. Comes with durable burners and head riveted for additional durability.

No more hard cleaning as this gas grill has drip pan and collection bucket ready to save you all the hassle.

And the diamond style mesh can hold all your grilled food while you continue to grill, steam, roast and smoke!

Solid material and simply usable function at only $849 (retail price: $1,059 save 20%)


MHP JNR4DD Gas Grill


One of the all-time winner in the smaller size gas grill range, MHP JNR4DD never disappoint the grill master!

Not only the price is reasonable, the quality is not compromise. Clean look with 2 burners for your grilling needs.

This grill can grill anything - fish, vegetables, ribs to fruits easily because of the smooth surface.

The wide ribbed rack is ready to give your steaks, chops and burgers some serious sear lines!

And all this amazing work is only $817 (retail $960) if you buy now! *No guarantee if the price will move up due to the demand


RCS Grill RJC26A-LP 


And something different this year is the RCS RJC26A-LP. Extreme power with 3 burners, this grill is ready to hold your next BBQ party!

Designed and made with ceramic briquettes heat system, you never have to worry getting a grill that can't heat!

This grill is the perfect built-in gas grill for 2018. Fix neatly in your outdoor kitchen area and show your friends and neighbor how awesome grill you have!

Big grill area for more grill food. Easy start and easy to clean up. 

With these awesome and powerful function, this gas grill is only $866 (retail $1,109) if you buy now! 


Blaze LTE Gas Grill BLZ-4LTE-NG

Blaze LTE natural gas grill BLZ-4LTE-NG

Specially this year, BBQHangout gas grill models and brands has widely expand. We are launching the next premium brand gas grill - Blaze Grill series.

And this time, one of our top Blaze series is coming straight to your door step (FREE delivery). 

Now you have to be prepared with it's impressive 14,000 BTUs cooking power on each burner to get you the grilling you ever need.

No more flare-up when grilling, no more uneven cooking and no more cold food!

And all these with an ease at only $1649.99 (retail $2,062.49, save 20% straight)


Primo Ceramic Built In Kamado Gas Grill G420H

Primo Natural Built in Gas Grill

Last and not least, introducing you the American made Primo Oval Series 36-Inch Ceramic Kamado Natural Gas Grill!

Primo revolutionized the world of kamado grills with their unique oval shape, and now they are bringing the revolution to gas grills. 

Now you can enjoy premium ceramic that gives you the best low and slow smoking grill marks on your food!

Start grilling, searing, roasting and even smoke on this Kamado grill right in your kitchen today at only $2984 (retail $3,224!)