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3 Basic Steps to Clean your Gas Grill

3 Basic Steps to Clean your Gas Grill

Do you love to see your Gas Grill sprinkling clean after every grilling session?

Well, I believe most of us do...

And one day, I was speaking to my friend, Matt on how does he always kept his gas grill so clean even after 5 years of using it.

He gave me some basic steps on how we can clean our gas grill easily and efficiently.

Let me share with you...

The most common dirt accumulated after barbecue are grease, grime and food particles. It's important to clean it each time after use to prevent these dirts from sticking it permanently on your grill.

Before you start, prepare the following tools:

- Bucket

- Water (if you have garden hose work best)

- Washing agent such as liquid dish washing detergent

- Clean rags

- Brass wire brush

- White vinegar

- Putty knife

**Note: Do turn off the gas supply or detach the gas tank from the grill

Step 1: Start with outside

Your gas grill is usually plain metal, stainless steel or porcelain. These surfaces can be easily scratch so NEVER use abrasive cleaner to clean the outer area of your gas grill.

Close the top lid and any compartments underneath the grill. Add water to your bucket and wet your clean rag. You can wipe outside of the grills to clear any dirt.

If there are grease, you can press a few squirts of dishwashing liquid into water and rinse your cloth to wipe off the grease.

Change your bucket of water to clean water and rinse your cloth clean. Wipe again to remove any left-over soap or grease.

Step 2: Clean the inside

The interior part of a gas grill is probably the dirtiest. The first thing you should remove and clean them are the grilling grates.

For the grill inside the compartment, use wire brush to scrub down. Make sure you get to the corners to get the grease off. If there's blobs of food, use a putty knife to scrape it off.

Push the dirt towards the drip pan. Remove the drip pan and rinse it later. Your drip pan has to be clean every time you use the grill so that the accumulated dirts and grease doesn't catch on fire.

To clean the burners, always follow the instruction manual provided by your grill manufacturer. You can always make your own cleaning solution by using water, liquid dishwashing detergent and some vinegar.

Simply mix a gallon bucket of water with a cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Soak the burners. rinse and dry them.

Step 3: Clean the grates

You can wash the grill grates separately using detergent and wire brush.

Lay them on the lawn and spray with water. Scrub it through to get rid of burnt grease. Then hose it with water again.

Additional advice specially for you...

If you start up your grill, take a look at the color of the gas flame. If it's burning steady with bright blue flame, your burners are clear.

However if the flame are orange or red, it be maybe grease stuck around the burners and it should be cleaned.


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