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5 Tips to BBQ or grilling in the Winter!

5 Tips to BBQ or grilling in the Winter!

I know it's cold outside and snow everywhere. But this doesn't kills our passion to enjoy BBQ all year round!

We as diehard BBQ lovers knows that nothing can stop us to enjoy the amazing tastes of BBQ and we can make use of the all the goodness of our grill.

And we have 5 Tips to help you start your grilling in this cold hard Winter:


Place your grill and cooking area near from your house. Look for position with lesser contact of wind and the blusters of winter. Beware of placing on steps, overhangs or porches that could present a fire hazard. And remember never cook in any enclosed area!


Consider using ceramic cookware for more heat retention. This amazing cookware comes in handy by keeping your food at the temperature. You can just grill your delicious meat and transport them from your grill back to the tables with the warm intact!


Make good use of the cast iron pan of your gas grill. Heat them up to hold your cooked food while you finish the rest of the cooking. Jut a caveat to keep in mind if you do this, food will continue to cook in case iron so take it off the grill a little sooner than you would normally.

Do your grill in winter


Adjust your cooking time accordingly. Some foods will take slightly longer to grill but other foods like roasts, ribs, chicken and turkey may require substantially more time than expected. A good rule of thumb is to add 20 minutes cooking time per pound for every 5 degrees BELOW 45 degrees F.


Choose quick cooking cuts. You can minimize the amount of time you spend in the cold but selecting food with a shorter cooking time. Thinner or smaller cuts of meat cook quickly over high heat. Thin steaks, pork loins, chicken breasts and kabobs grill to perfection in a few minutes, reducing your exposure and the number of visits you need to make to your BBQ.

Tips to BBQ or grilling in winter


Bonus Tip: Winter BBQ is about more than your grilling gear. Plan ahead and ensure that you’re prepared with suitable clothing and footwear. Keep those slip on shoes near the door along with a comfy coat, hat and scarf.

Follow these 5 tips and enjoy the taste of summer with your family and friends all year-round!

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