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BBQ Gas Grill : Propane vs Natural Gas

BBQ Gas Grill : Propane vs Natural Gas

When choosing the Gas Grill, you may be thinking whether to choose a one that works with Natural Gas or Propane Gas. Over here, we going to help you with your decision by showing both advantage and disadvantage of both gas.

Propane Gas Grill

Most gas grill on the market are fueled by liquid propane. The grill are designed and made to fit in the portable tank beneath or beside your grill.

The tank is connected directly to your grill with a connector or valve. The valve usually looks like garden hose where you have to release the to the burner.

The tank can be easily refilled by qualified personnel at the gas station or you can just buy a pre-filled tank to replace it.

The most common size is a 20 lb. tank, which provides about 25 hours of cooking time.

How it works

A spark from an instant igniter creates a flame and heats the gas to create a hot cooking surface.

Why use Propane Gas

I love BBQ and I love my environment too. I'll make sure the equipment I used doesn't cause huge harm to the planet. And propane is one of the grill we recommend because it is environmentally friendly.

What I meant by environmental friendly?

It means that the gas doesn't contain lead and low greenhouse has emission. The gas produce carbon dioxide and not other harmful gas.

Other than that, propane gas is portable that can be easily detached and bring around. Like this MHP JNR4DD Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill where you can bring along to park or your friend place for a nice barbecue. And you can the propane gas is attached just below the gill where you can detached it anytime.

MHP JNR4DD Propane Gas Grill Portable

The downside of Propane Gas

The price to get a propane gas tank is more expansive than using natural gas. Probably due to the tank and the convenience to transfer and store.

There are some saying that propane gas create wet heat where it may changes the texture of the food when grilling (cross finger for me!).

And if really there's gas leak, propane is consider more dangerous than natural gas as it stays concentrated in the air for longer period of time.

Natural Gas Grill

So what about natural gas?

The gas source comes from your house where you need to plug your gas grill to the gas line in your house.

You don't need to refill the gas and it cooks exactly the same as a propane gas grill.

Why use Natural Gas

Who don't love convenience? And natural gas gives you the convenient as it will never run out of gas during your barbecue times!

Of course the price for natural gas is much cheaper to getting a propane gas.

And lastly my favorite is that natural has is classified as greenhouse gas, environmental friendly.

The downside of Natural Gas

Since propane gas allow you to move around, the downside is that the location of your gas grill is fixed. You can't move from one corner to another corner, let alone bringing them to your friend place for a nice gathering.

And the installation of natural gas grill might require professional personnel to handle, hence the initial setup cost might be higher as compare to propane gas grill.

Now if you are new to buying a gas grill or looking to replace one, I can help you save more (from costly mistakes) when deciding what gas grill to buy.

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