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How often do you clean your gas grill

How often do you clean your gas grill

If you love grilling, you got to love your gas grill too.

What makes the whole process great is that the time spent in cleaning/maintaining the grill is minimal and the return of the effort is huge. With proper cleaning and maintenance, any grill is going to keep you busy grilling for a good long time.

When it comes to cleaning the grill, there are many saying. Some says they never clean it. Some say clean it after use, while some clean it before use. These are all based on experiences and everyone is different.

As a gas grill seller, I always advice my customers how they can extend the life of the gas grill with proper cleaning. And I am going to share with you here:

Clean it after use

If you are using the grill for the first time, you probably clean the grill after you done your cook.

Go through the usual cleaning process like this:

  • Scrub the grates
  • Wash the protectors
  • Wipe the grime
  • Clear the bottom
  • Remove the gunk

Clean the grates and racks when they are cooler but still warm.

Clean it before use

If you are not a frequent grill user and have been storing the grill in your garage or something, I suggest that you clean it before you start using. You don't need a thorough cleaning, a simple rug with some water to make sure there are no dust or dirt from uninvited pests.

Storing the grill

Every grill model comes with grill cover that is useful if you are keeping your grill outdoors. If you don’t use the cover, your grill will get dusty and rusty faster than you can image.

So you see, caring your grill doesn’t have to take much time. And this minimum maintenance comes in the reward of long lasting grill.

And now you can sit back to enjoy the delicious grill food from your clean gas grill.