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How do you smoke meat on a Gas Grill

How do you smoke meat on a Gas Grill

There’s many argument about using gas grill vs charcoal grill to smoke food. And here's a video showing why Gas Grill:

It doesn’t necessary own a pitmaster grill to smoke delicious meat and vegetables.

And today I am going to share with you how you can smoke meat using a gas grill.

Some of the gas grill comes with built-in smoke box but don’t need to worry if your gas grill don’t have it. You can still have a wonderful smoke grill food!

Let’s see how you can do it:

Choosing your grill food

You can grill anything and give them the smoke flavor but what I recommend to smoke will be fillet, chicken meat, slim pork meat or vegetables.

Choose the wood chip

Wood chip can be ignite quickly and they are readily available at most stores.

You can find the following types of wood chip for your gas grill:

  • Oak wood and hickory has distinct smoke flavor without too overpowering. This is best if you want to smoke pork and beef meat.
  • Mild wood chip like alder, apply and cherry tend to have fruity and sweet flavor. You can use this wood chip to grill fish and chicken meat.
  • If you want a strong smoke flavor, then you should go for Mesquite wood that is perfect for beef brisket
  • You can also add herbs or even cinnamon sticks to produce aromatic flavor.

Making smoke packet

Before that, you should use a wet wood chip. Why?

Using dry chip may have the possibility to catch fire when you add them directly to the grill.

What you should do is to to soak the wood chip into water (or even beer) for 15 minutes and drain them. Leave them to dry before wrapping them.

Next is to make a smoke packet.

Making a smoke packet is easy. What you need is just aluminum foil and the wood chips.

Place the wood chips on the aluminum foil and complete foil up to cover the chips.

To have the smoke out from the pack, poke a few holes (can use stick or fork) on the foil.

 How to smoke meat on gas grill

 Preparing the grill

Always preheat the grill every time you want to grill anything. You will have 2 burners on your grill, start off one side to high heat.

Place the smoking packet on the heat side and close the lid. You can lower the burner down to low for the wood to get heated up.

When you see some smoke oozing from the grill, it is ready to place your food!

Start grilling

Now you can place the meat on the unlit burner side and grill it at 250 degree c. Make sure you close the lid so the smoke can sip through your meat!

Do ensure you check and flip your meat frequently to make it they are cooked. Always use a thermometer to check the internal heat of your grill meat.

And a good guide when using wood chip - a handful of wood can smoke for estimated 30 minutes. You can make 2 - 3 handfuls of wood chips so you can use it for about an hour.

And also have a short video on how to turn your gas grill into a smoke grill

Enjoy smoking your favorite food!